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This is the home of
Super Hole-In-One Miniature Golf

Super Hole-In-One
"Traditional V1.2a"

© 1997-98 Sigma Software, Inc.

Minimum System requirements:
Win95 486DX2 66,  16M RAM,  8M HD 1Meg Video card with 640X480 16Bit (Hi-color)
DirectX - If you don't have it click here. (5.5Meg) Sound Card Recommended.

Download Super Hole-In-One Traditional V1.2a(About 4Meg)

This is a Trial version that allows you to play the game. In order to play the entire course, download this version and install it. Follow the instructions for how to play.

This is a sample of Hole 16 From Super Hole-In-One Traditional.